Smart IT asset managment

IT Inventory Management

Smart inventory

Our platform enables the seamless inventory and centralized management of IT assets, providing a comprehensive overview of your organization’s IT infrastructure. Easily import data via CSV or integrate with accounting software through APIs.


Efficiently oversee IT assets throughout your organization with the “” solution. Gain real-time insights into acquisition, maintenance, and management decisions, along with associated costs.


Our system automatically categorizes and tracks assets based on collected data, streamlining the process of locating and managing computers and other equipment.


Assign responsible individuals to each asset unit, ensuring you always have visibility into who is utilizing your organization’s IT assets.

Mastering IT Asset Oversight

Gain a holistic perspective of your organization’s IT assets, empowering smarter decision-making with real-time insights.


    Empower employees with visibility into their assigned equipment.


    Enable department heads to oversee their respective assets.


    Provide administrators with comprehensive control over the entire organizational IT asset landscape.

    Acquire or Reallocate

    Your team may request equipment, while elsewhere in the organization, similar equipment lies idle. This situation allows you to make informed choices—whether to procure new assets or seamlessly reallocate them from one department to another.


    Assign responsible individuals for material requests.


    Simplify asset issuance and procurement processes.


    Centralized procurement, providing a comprehensive view of the organization's needs in one location.

    AI driven IT asset management

    Real-Time Infrastructure Oversight

    IT asset management (ITAM), essential for compliance with NIS2 regulations, ensures meticulous tracking, deployment, monitoring, updates, and retirement of your organization’s assets. With “,” our asset management reports provide real-time insights into inventory, usage, and the condition of hardware, software, and subscriptions, aligning perfectly with NIS2 compliance.


    Centralized asset management.


    Seamlessly import data from accounting software.

    Invest, do not spend

    Cut Costs through Centralized Control

    Our IT asset management tool is designed to monitor all computer and software assets across your entire IT environment. It enables you to create a dynamic inventory of your complete IT asset list. The solution is a catalyst for reducing IT maintenance expenses. By overseeing all IT assets connected to your network, you can effectively manage your assets throughout their lifecycle, while simultaneously bolstering overall IT security.


    Real-time tracking of short-term asset utilization.


    Enhanced, data-driven procurement planning.