AI-Enhanced Cybersecurity. IT Asset Management & Vulnerability Detection offers a transformative approach to cybersecurity for today’s dynamic business environment. Our platform, designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, integrates advanced AI analytics with essential tools like IT asset management, incident monitoring, and a robust ticketing system. Tailored to ensure NIS2 compliance, our solution is perfect for businesses seeking a cost-effective yet powerful cybersecurity strategy. Whether cloud-based or on-premises, our SaaS model provides real-time insights, alerts, and regular management summaries, empowering businesses to stay ahead of cyber threats while optimizing their IT operations.

NIS2-Compliant Cybersecurity for the Modern Business

Master Your IT Assets: Streamlined Management and Real-Time Insights

IRPIT’s system simplifies IT asset management, combining AI for insightful inventory tracking and efficient monitoring. Focused on enhancing efficiency and reducing costs, it streamlines compliance, offering a transparent view of IT assets. This approach aids in strategic decision-making and optimizes IT management, ensuring a more effective, user-friendly experience in handling IT resources


Effortless Inventory Management


Real-Time Insights and NIS2 Compliance


AI-Enhanced Asset Intelligence:

Enhanced Security, Simplified Compliance, Actionable Insights

A comprehensive IT asset management

Streamlined Asset Digitalization

  • Simplifies asset digitization from procurement to allocation
  • Digital record creation for each asset
  • Employee-specific asset tracking
  • Real-time asset allocation and transfer updates
  • Automated asset retirement recording
  • Integration with procurement and HR systems

Comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Monitoring

  • End-to-end asset lifecycle tracking
  • Lifecycle performance analysis
  • Predictive maintenance recommendations
  • Cost-effective asset replacement planning
  • Total cost of ownership forecasting
  • Efficient asset retirement planning

Employee-Centric Asset Path Monitoring

  • Employee-specific asset assignment history
  • Asset handover and return notifications
  • Employee departure asset checklist
  • Seamless asset reassignment process
  • Employee role-based asset access
  • Integration with employee onboarding/offboarding systems

Organization-Wide Asset Oversight

  • Centralized asset database for the entire organization
  • Asset hierarchy for different departments and locations
  • Customizable asset reporting and analytics
  • Role-based access control
  • Asset performance benchmarking
  • Integration with financial and auditing systems

Proactive Patch Management

  • Continuous vulnerability scanning
  • Vulnerability prioritization
  • Automated patch deployment
  • Real-time threat detection
  • Behavior-based anomaly detection
  • Patch compliance monitoring

Incident Detection and Management

  • Incident alerts via email, SMS, Slack, Teams notifications
  • Web network scanning and vulnerability assessment
  • SSL monitoring for enhanced security
  • Passive monitoring functionality
  • Proxy server monitoring
  • Multi-location monitoring support

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Our team specializes in the development of cybersecurity and incident management solutions. With years of experience working with diverse IT infrastructures and technologies, we have cultivated a deep understanding of the industry’s complexities and challenges. Our expertise is rooted in a commitment to delivering reliable and effective solutions to our clients and investors.

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